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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where can I purchase Redonkulary®?

Shop small! Redonkulary® is available at the following retailers, on and on if Redonkulary® is not yet available in your area.







  • Eureka! Puzzles & Games, 1349 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02446.


  • 747 Chief Justice Cushing Hwy (Rte 3A), Cohasset, MA 02025.

North Carolina 


  • Dancing Bear Toys Ltd., 518 Kenilworth Rd., Asheville, NC 28805.

  • The Toy Box of Asheville, 793 Merrimon Ave., Asheville, NC 28804.

  • O.P. Taylor's, 2 Town Sq. Blvd., Asheville, NC 28803.


  • O.P. Taylor's, 16 S. Broad St., Brevard, NC 28712.

Bryson City

  • Nantahala Outdoor Center ("NOC") General Store, 13077 W Hwy 19, Bryson City, NC 28713.


  • Brilliant Sky Toys & Books, 9882-G Rea Rd., Charlotte, NC 28277.

  • Park Road Books, 4139 Park Rd., Charlotte, NC 28209.


  • Dancing Bear Toys Ltd., 418 North Main St., Hendersonville, NC 28792.

South Carolina


  • Be Beep Toys, 4525 Forest Dr., Columbia, SC 29206.

Edisto Beach

  • Edisto Beach Pavilion Gift Shop, 101 Palmetto Blvd, Edisto Island, SC 29438.


  • Boardwalk, 1175 Woods Crossing Rd, Greenville, SC 29607.

  • Friends Shop at the Hughes Main Library, 25 Heritage Green Pl, Greenville, SC 29601.

  • M. Judson Booksellers and Storytellers, 130 S Main St, Greenville, 29601.

  • The Elephant's Trunk, 2222 Augusta St., Ste. 8, Greenville, SC 29605.

  • O.P. Taylor's, 117 N. Main St., Greenville, SC 29601.

  • Paisley and Paper, 1818 Augusta St., Greenville, SC 29605.

  • The Pickwick, 3219 Augusta Street, Greenville, SC 29605.

  • The More to Explore Store at The Children's Museum of the Upstate, 300 College Street, Greenville, SC 29601.


  • Olive Oil and Then Some, 2701 Woodruff Rd. (@Five Forks), Simpsonville, SC 29681.


  • Hub City Bookshop, 186 W. Main St., Spartanburg, SC 29306.

  • Imagination Station, 180 E. Main St., Spartanburg, SC 29306.

  • Olive Oil and Then Some, 124 Magnolia St., Spartanburg, SC 299306.



  • BOOKS & CO...TOYS, too! 29 West Nelson Street, Lexington, VA 24450-2033.

West Virginia


  • The Why Not Shop, Route 66, Snowshoe, WV 26291.



  • Teton Toys, 10 E. Broadway (inside Lee's T's), Jackson, WY 83001.

Why is there a hyphen (“—“) on the middle cards?

The hyphen allows you to skip the middle card if you want to just use a beginning and ending to create a made-up word.

Is there an objective way to choose the winner in Redonkulary?

Redonkulary® is subjective in that the Donkster chooses the winner based on the definition (s)he likes best.  Competitive players who play to win may prefer a more objective variation on the rules. Instead of having the Donkster serve as the sole judge of who wins each round, you can allow all players to vote on the winner.  The player with the most votes at the end of each turn wins that round.  Tabulate the total number of votes for each player on the score sheet and see who earned the most votes after everyone has had a turn as the Donkster.

Can’t I just play the game without buying it by making up words and definitions?

1 – No, making up words stems that work is exhausting (just try it);  2 – You can play Yahtzee® with 6 die (from other games) and a cup (from your kitchen), yet it is one of the most purchased games in history.

What are some of your favorite made-up words and definitions?

I wish I had written all of them down!  We have laughed until we cried more times than we can count!  Some of the definitions we made up playing with adults are probably not family-friendly enough to print here.  Here is a sampling of some (somewhat) fit to print:  

Blubboodledoggle:  Noun. The last piece of fat left after liposuction: "Looks like there is a little blubboodledoggle jiggling on her thigh." 

Schlumpkyn:  Noun.  A dwarf with bad posture: "Sit up straight or you'll end up looking like a schlumpkyn!"

Stinkinchin: Adjective.  What your fridge smells like after you had Chinese food leftovers: "Phew!  Close the fridge before that stinkinchin smell escapes!"

Zoinkduddy: Noun.  A nerdy version of Puff-Daddy: "That zoinkduddy is trying too hard to look cool."

Stinkupdeloo: Verb.  What happens when your dad is in the bathroom:  "Oh no!  Daddy is going to stinkupdeloo!"

Gobberoniption: Adverb.  What a turkey does just before it becomes food for Thanksgiving:  "That poor turkey is having a gobberoniption fit!"

Nurfsterigbongle: Noun. The name of a giant bell that was in Germany in the 1800's:  "The nurfsterigbongle tolled nightly for over a century."

Can you give some examples of one word with different definitions?

Noodonlooza: Noun. 1. Noodles stuck together in a clump in a pot; 2. A famous town where Michelangelo's nude statues are kept; 3. An all-day outdoor music festival where people get nude; 4. A homeless person with no clothes.

Loinkinogerate: Noun. 1. Where people get together in a meeting for something very important in a German town; 2. A style of loin cloth; 3. An inauguration ceremony in the olden days where attendees wore loin cloths; 4. A giant ogre stirring his soup.

Smegder:  Noun. 1. A diaper for a rabbit. 2. A type of jelly spreader. 3. A rare type of deer that lives in Texas.

Why did you name the game, “Redonkulary®”? 

The inspiration for the name “Redonkulary®” came from my daughter’s second-grade teacher.  One day, my daughter came home from school and exclaimed that something was “redonkulous”.  I had never heard the word, “redonkulous” before, so I looked it up and discovered that it is slang for “ridiculous”.  My daughter loved it when her teacher used that word, and we both thought it was so catchy that I immediately wanted to use it in the name of my game.  But I wanted to invent a word based on "redonkulous" since the game is about made-up words.  So I combined the word “redonkulous” with the word “dictionary” to create “redonkulary®” because the game is just that:  A ridiculous (redonkulous!) dictionary of made-up words!

Why did you create the game, “Redonkulary®”? 

I created Redonkulary® to entertain my kids on long trips.  On one particularly long trip, we had run out of things to do.  The kids were growing restless and I knew I needed to figure out a way to entertain them – and fast!  I began making up silly words and even sillier definitions with the kids.  Before we knew it, the whole family was laughing, interacting, and having fun together!  And voila- Redonkulary® was born!

Redonkulary® quickly became our family’s go-to game to combat boredom not only on road trips, but also in waiting rooms, long lines, and even at the dinner table.  Instead of asking, “are we there yet?” (or having too much screen time), the kids asked to play Redonkulary®.  Lucky for us, Redonkulary® is just as fun for parents as it is for kids, so we readily agreed to play. 

We also felt good about turning what could have been wasted time into constructive, quality time with the kids.  Redonkulary’®s popularity among our own family soon spread to other families and friends of all ages- from stoic grandparents to the "cool" teenagers down the block.  Redonkulary® appeals to everyone because there are no "right" or "wrong" answers- just fun!

How do you make up the word parts? 

The word parts start with funny-sounding nonsense words that I create on my own or with the inspiration from my fellow word-lovers.  I break each word into three parts, beginning, middle and end.  Next, I tweak the word parts to make them sound funnier.  Finally, I make sure that the word parts on each card will be able to create new words as the cards are flipped randomly.  Warning:  some word parts can be combined to suggest off-color words!

How is Redonkulary educational if all of the words are made-up? 

Playing Redonkulary® is more than just fun – it’s good for you!  Kids can learn important educational and social skills while creating lasting memories!

Learning is more than just memorizing and drilling facts.  Games such as Redonkulary® can teach many skills, including listening, memory, planning, strategy, persuasion, verbal communication, emotional intelligence, creativity, reading comprehension, problem solving, literacy, focus, and critical thinking.  See, “The Benefits of Board Games.” In Parent and Child Magazine.  (Retrieved from, 2015).  Learning through play teaches kids to love learning and it encourages them to seek out learning, instead of dreading it!

In addition to having educational benefits, Redonkulary® helps children practice crucial social skills.  These social skills include the art of conversation, sharing and discussing ideas, discussing and negotiating rules, following multiple steps, persistence, how to handle rivalry and competition, appealing to the decision-maker and learning to win and lose gracefully (good sportsmanship).  Mastering these skills is critical to success in life, but so many of these skills are not taught in school.  Playing games is a great way to practice these important, intangible skills.

Children learn how to behave by watching their parents and role models.  Not only can parents model these behaviors for their children, but they can also show their children that word play is fun!  If children have fun playing with words, they are more likely to have positive feelings about reading and writing. 

No only do games such as Redonkulary® foster many important skills, but they can enrich interpersonal dynamics and become great family memories.  Shellenbarger, Sue. “The Canasta Advantage.” The Wall Street Journal 8 April, 2015: D1. Print.

Kids remember the warm, fuzzy feeling they get when their parent looked them in the eye, listened to them, laughed at their jokes, and re-told their funny stories.  Some of our favorite made-up words and definitions have become running jokes.  Spending unhurried, enjoyable time together enhances bonding.  Beating an adult on a level playing field can boost children’s confidence and enhance self-esteem.  In short, playing Redonkulary® is more than just a fun way to pass the time, playing Redonkulary® is actually good for you! 

What inspired you to develop Redonkulary® into an educational game?

I love to learn, and I have a passion for words.  Ironically, I would not consider myself a “game” connoisseur.  Rather, my love of words and the need to entertain the kids on one particularly long trip led me to create Redonkulary®.   The game evolved over a couple of years as our family played it together.

I credit my mom with inspiring my love of learning.  My mom majored in English in college, worked as an elementary school classroom teacher and Chapter 1 tutor, and completed Master’s level graduate classes in early childhood education.  Looking back on my childhood, I have no doubt that my mom applied her professional knowledge to parenting.  She encouraged me to read by taking me to the public library and letting me check out stacks of books!  The smell of musty books still brings me back to those heavenly, lazy summer days learning about new worlds in the library aisles.  Reading for hours on end felt like such extravagance!  Little did I know that this was by design.  

Even though my mom undoubtedly used her professional skills when parenting, I did not think much about the educational benefits of playing games or how to inspire a love of learning until I had my own kids.  Once I had my own kids, I began to appreciate the many learning opportunities that kids have every day.  One reason I created Redonkulary® was to seize an opportunity to impart my love of learning, language, and words to my kids.  I only began researching games, made-up words, and the educational benefits of games like Redonkulary® once I decided to bring Redonkulary® to market.  Since then, I have read numerous parenting books and articles, which have affirmed my instincts that Redonkulary® is educational.

Redonkulary® challenges adult brains, too!  While I am sure I am not alone, I am embarrassed to admit that I quickly lose interest when I play kids' games.  After one round, my brain feels like it is turning to mush.  However, Redonkulary® is different because it is refreshingly challenging for adults, too!   Redonkulary® is so fun and absorbing that you hardly realize how hard your brain is working!

What makes Redonkulary® a good travel game? 

Redonkulary® is the perfect game for travel because it is small, packable, and self-contained.   At five and a half inches wide by four and a half inches high, it is about the same height as a smart phone and even shorter than many smart phones!  There are no loose pieces or cards to lose, meaning there is nothing to clean up! 

Redonkulary® is highly versatile- it can go from a tabletop game right into your bag just by folding it.  Just prop it up on the tent easel to play, and fold the easel flat to pack it.  You can also adapt Redonkulary® to fit your situation- from the number of players (3-8), players’ ages (kids and adults) to play time (you decide whether to stop after each round or keep going if you have more time). 

What is the ideal age for playing Redonkulary®?  

Redonkulary® is fun for all ages!  Redonkulary® is the ideal multi-generational game because players make up words that appeal to the other players in your group.   The recommended age is 9 and up, but Redonkulary® appeals to all ages.  Younger kids are some of the most creative, spontaneous players!  I began playing Redonkulary® with my kids when they were ages 4 and 6 by simply saying the made-up words out loud.  If a player is inexperienced, pair him or her with a more experienced player to make a team.  Because there are no right or wrong answers, all ages and ability levels enjoy playing Redonkulary®.

Not only is Redonkulary® is the perfect multi-generational game, it is also a great ice-breaker.  Redonkulary® is so silly and ridiculous that it allows players’ natural creativity to emerge without being overly cerebral.  Adults enjoy playing Redonkulary® as much as kids do!

How common are made-up words? 

Made-up words are everywhere!  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a famous nonsense word that was added to the dictionary in 1986 after it was popularized by the 1964 film “Mary Poppins.” And everyone from President Obama and Stephen Colbert to Oprah make up words. “Barama” is short for Barack Obama. Colbert refers to a person who is important and influential as “importulential,” and Oprah Winfrey calls the casual look she sports at home “schlumpadinka.”

You can find made-up words just by flipping through the Wall Street Journal. “Putinology” is the study of Russian President Vladimir Putin and “Reformocon” is a reform conservative.  Ads for Triscuit crackers use “porkapenoswisscuit” to describe a Triscuit topped with Swiss cheese, jalapenos, and pulled pork and “mozzmatochiliscuit” to describe a Triscuit topped with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and chili flakes.

Matt Lauer and his co-hosts even used a slew of made-up words in their New Year’s Eve year in review on NBC’s “A Toast to 2014!”

Of course, the wildly popular Dr. Seuss stories use unique made-up words throughout.  Some famous Dr. Seuss words include diffendoofer (a celebration of individuality), dinkzoober and dinkzott (street names), lorax (a creature who speaks for trees), sneetch (yellow bird-like creature), and boom-pah (musical instrument).

Some made-up words have even been added to the dictionary!  The Dr. Seuss made-up word “nerd” was readily adopted into general usage.  Recently, the Oxford Dictionary Online added the words, “phablet” (a smartphone with a screen that is closer in size to a tablet) and “fauxhawk” (a fake Mohawk-style haircut).  How redonkulous!

Play Redonkulary® and see how fun it is to make up words and definitions!  Then contact me to suggest new words to include in the next edition of Redonkulary®. I would love to hear from you!!  

What games are similar to Redonkulary®? 

Redonkulary® contains elements that people love from many popular games, such as Balderdash™, Scrabble®, Quiddler™, and Apples to Apples®, but Redonkulary® is totally unique!

Redonkulary® can be described as “Apples to Apples® meets Balderdash™.”  If you like Balderdash™, you will love Redonkulary®!  Unlike Balderdash™, a bluffing game where players try to guess the real words, Redonkulary® uses only nonsense words.  Redonkulary® is similar to Apples to Apples® in that players take turns judging which player wins each round.

Redonkulary® is also like Scrabble® or Quiddler™, except Redonkulary players use word parts rather than letters to create words.

In addition, Redonkulary® appeals to Mad Libs™ players, who love to create nonsensical stories because, in Redonkulary®, you get to create your own zany words and nonsensical definitions. 

While aspects of Redonkulary® are similar to many popular games, Redonkulary® is in a league of its own!  Play Redonkulary® for a fun experience like none other!

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