Game Night with Tantrum House at Due South Coffee

This past Monday, April 27th, we had a chance to join Tantrum House at Due South Coffee for their monthly game night. We got to test drive a new game called Steam Court, and shared the Redonkulary prototypes with everyone who showed up! Thanks for another fun night! How do you #GetRedonkulous?

Thanks to Chris, for the most redonkulous definition of the night: 

Zexaling: [zecks-ah-ling]
1.  A Russian sport where you sail over ice using modified sail boats: "I hope we can go zexaling some day when we visit Russia."

The Journey of a Prototype

The eMedia Group in Greenville, SC produced the first prototypes of Redonkulary.  I was amazed at how many different types of presses and other machines they have- they can make anything!  What an awesome place!  My kids and I were so impressed with what we saw on our tour!  My favorite was the antique black printing press- how cool is that!?!