Game Night with Tantrum House at Due South Coffee

This past Monday, April 27th, we had a chance to join Tantrum House at Due South Coffee for their monthly game night. We got to test drive a new game called Steam Court, and shared the Redonkulary prototypes with everyone who showed up! Thanks for another fun night! How do you #GetRedonkulous?

Thanks to Chris, for the most redonkulous definition of the night: 

Zexaling: [zecks-ah-ling]
1.  A Russian sport where you sail over ice using modified sail boats: "I hope we can go zexaling some day when we visit Russia."

Filming Our Kickstarter Video!

We enjoyed a sunny afternoon playing Redonkulary and filming our Kickstarter video with the neighborhood kids! Thank you to my family, the Hamilton family, neighborhood kids, and Valdas Kotovas for your roles in making the Redonkulary Kickstarter video! #Redonkulary is #Redonkulous!

Thanks to Eden, for the most redonkulous definition! 

Sloozeeacious: [slooz-ee-ay-shis]
1. A failed smoothie: "When the blender doesn't mix up all the fruits, your smoothie is sloozeeacious!"

The Journey of a Prototype

The eMedia Group in Greenville, SC produced the first prototypes of Redonkulary.  I was amazed at how many different types of presses and other machines they have- they can make anything!  What an awesome place!  My kids and I were so impressed with what we saw on our tour!  My favorite was the antique black printing press- how cool is that!?!